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Now accepting applications!

I am happy to announce that I am opening my online studio so you can now study with me from anywhere in the world from your own home. I have been looking forward to this day to share what I have learned throughout my international career. Whether you are playing the violin for fun or pursuing music professionally, let's connect!

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are you offering online?

Trial lesson (30-45 minutes)

Weekly 1-hour long lesson (limited space)

Goals oriented coaching (for upcoming auditions and exams)

Practice coaching (You already have a primary violin teacher from your school or prep-program, I do offer service of helping you practice efficiently a few times a week to reach your goals and get ready for your lessons.)

Masterclass (group class)

Career and application consultation session

Who should apply?

I am open to teach all levels! For the best result, you should have been playing the violin for at least a year with a teacher in person. I believe the fundamental is best learned in person.

I already have a teacher, can I still take some lessons from you?

Yes, absolutely! However, please consult with your primary teacher for their approval. We can definitely meet for coachings.

What do I need for the setup?

Your instrument, an internet connection, Zoom or Skype application, then you are good to go!

*An external microphone would be a bonus, if you have one around.

What language do you teach in?

English and Thai.

I am worried about scheduling. Would this work if we weren't in the same time zone?

Yes, I am very familiar with the time changes, as I am constantly on the road. We can make it work for both of us.

Can I have a trial lesson?

Yes! I do offer a session of 30-45 minutes with a discounted rate.

How much do you charge?

Please fill out the application form and I will get back to you with my rate for your specific need.

How can we pay you?

I accept Venmo, Zelle, Promptpay, Revolut and bank transfer.

Got more questions? Send me a message here!

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